Meet The Calm Creative

Hello, I’m Sheila, the heart and soul behind The Calm Creative.

Hello, I’m Sheila, the heart and soul behind The Calm Creative. My journey with Zentangle® began unexpectedly, as I stumbled upon a mesmerizing demonstration at an Exhibition Centre. Intrigued by its meditative nature, I purchased a kit to try it out myself. Yet, I soon realized there was more to this art form than met the eye, prompting me to seek guidance from a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT).

After seven years of tangling and immersing myself in this transformative practice, I felt a calling to share the wonders of Zentangle® with others. The path to becoming a CZT involved attending a seminar and exploring various focused retreats within the UK Zentangle® community, where I not only honed my skills but also forged beautiful friendships.


With the necessary expertise and newfound confidence, I set out to teach Zentangle®.

With the necessary expertise and newfound confidence, I set out to teach Zentangle®, and little did I know that the world would soon turn to virtual platforms, making Zoom an unexpectedly powerful tool for connection. Adapting to the challenges of the pandemic, I found joy in reaching clients from all corners of the country, extending the benefits of Zentangle® beyond my local community.

At the heart of The Calm Creative lies a profound desire to create a safe space for everyone seeking peace and tranquility. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply searching for a mindful escape, my workshops cater to a diverse audience, embracing people from all walks of life.

The true beauty of Zentangle® lies in the transformation it sparks within individuals. Witnessing the awe in my clients’ eyes as they complete their unique Zentangle® creations, even when they doubted their abilities, fills my heart with encouragement. The appreciation and gratitude from those whose lives have been touched by this practice reaffirms my passion and commitment.


What They Say

I had a lovely experience with Sheila Murray, the talented CZT at The Calm Creative.  Her mindfulness art classes using the Zentangle® method were truly transformative.  Not only did she teach me intricate patterns, but her calming presence and guidance made me feel at ease throughout the sessions.


Sheila has been a great friend to me on my Zentangle journey, from a kind and supportive fellow student to an encouraging and inspirational colleague during Certified Zentangle Teacher training and beyond. 



I so enjoy Sheila’s Zentangle sessions.  They’re an oasis of calm in a busy daily life, when I can just ‘be’.  Not only are the sessions mindfully relaxed but all of us create some wonderfully impressive tangles under Sheila’s calm direction!  (Always peaceful, no hurry, and certainly no pressure to produce ‘perfect’ results – I love the way that Sheila says that there is no such thing as a mistake in Zentangle!)